Bra size in Bangladesh with chart list and Measurement

Bra size in Bangladesh differs from one country to another. Here is a bra size guide measurement list chart for Bangladeshi women.

Bra size in Bangladesh

The size of the bra is measure on the base of the band and bust. Here we are giving the image of the band and bust of the breast. Keep in mind, bust and a cup are the same things. Here we calculate in inches.

Bra Band and Bust Size Measurement
Bra Band and Bust Size Measurement for women

Band Size Measurement

  • Step – 1 – Take the measurement of your under-band size and it is 28″
  • Step – 2 – If the number is even then added 4 and if the number is odd then add 5
  • Step – 3 – Then 28″+ 4 = 32. Under-band size is 32

Bust Size Measurement

  • Step – 1 – Take the measurement of your bust size and it is 35″
  • Step – 2 – Now Under-band size is 32″ and bust size is 35″
  • Step – 3 – Subtract your bust size and band size and it is 3.
  • Step – 4 – Now your bra size is 32D
Bra Size with Cup

Bra Size Chart

Here is a bra size chart list for the perfect measurement. Always keep in mind the size of the bra are different in a different county. In India Bangladesh, and Pakistani size are nearly common.

Bra Size Chart
Bra Size Chart
Band SizeCup SizeBra Size
32 inches34 inches34B
34 inches36 inches34B
36 inches38 inches36B

It is really very simple bra measurement calculation. You just follow the steps in here. For more help here is a YouTube video for you.

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